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14 Nov 2016

Johnny Physical Lives in Paper Magazine


“Yes, it’s a story about cancer, but it isn’t a cancer story. Instead of the teary-eyed farewells and saintly messages of love and life we’re used to seeing in tearjerkers like The Fault in Our Stars, we see Jonathan, a young musician (and Buddy Holly doppelgänger), in oversized pajamas rocking out in front of an audience at a cancer treatment center. While he battles cancer, he maintains the spirit of a rock star, continuing to record music and play gigs at the hospital in between rounds of treatments. The doc itself intersperses film footage shot during Jonathan’s treatment with animations depicting the musician as his onstage alter ego, the titular Johnny Physical, a raging rocker in the style of ’70’s-era Iggy Pop and, of course, Buddy Holly. ”

Read the rest of the story here.