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Johnny Physical Lives on Salon

Check out this interview with Joshua Neuman about the making of Johnny Physical Lives, which is now streaming on the new ad-free, content-rich app, Salon Premium. Special thanks to the incredible Nantucket Film Festival, the curator of this month's Salon Films program, for including us!

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Johnny Physical Lives in New York Magazine

What do Ad Reinhardt, Alex de Corte, and Johnny Physical have in common? All "Highbrow Brilliant" according to New York Magazine's Approval Matrix.

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Johnny Physical Lives in Paper Magazine

"Yes, it's a story about cancer, but it isn't a cancer story. Instead of the teary-eyed farewells and saintly messages of love and life we're used to seeing in tearjerkers like The Fault in Our Stars, we see Jonathan, a young musician (and Buddy Holly doppelgänger), in oversized pajamas rocking out in front of an audience at a cancer treatment center. While he battles cancer, he maintains the spirit of a rock star, continuing to record music and play gigs at the hospital in between rounds of treatments. The doc itself intersperses film footage shot during Jonathan's treatment with animations

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Johnny Physical Lives on WFMU

As a little boy growing up in Paramus, New Jersey, Jonathan Neuman would fall asleep listening to Buddy Holly’s songs and dreaming about becoming a rock star. As a teen, he broadened his musical horizons by listening to the free form, independent radio station WFMU and fell in love with the early punk that sprang from New York City in the 1970s. Joshua Neuman  was a guest on WFMU's "Prove It All Night!" show with Pat Byrne to talk about Jonathan's rock 'n' roll legacy, what WFMU meant to him, as well as the two improbable moments when he and Joey Ramone crossed paths. The segment starts at

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Joshua Neuman Interview in Bullett Magazine

Take a trip into the fantastical, rock 'n' roll universe of Johnny Physical and learn how the downtown scene of 1970s New York City inspired it in this exclusive interview.

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Johnny Physical Lives in Marketwatch

Director Joshua Neuman tells the story of the Kickstarter campaign that helped bring his brother Jonathan back from the dead.

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Indiewire’s Project of the Week

Before it was even a film, Johnny Physical Lives was Indiewire's Project of the Week.  

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Blackbook’s Kickstarter of the Week

“Joshua Neuman’s brother was a rock star. Turned on to the power of rock ‘n’ roll with the help of a Buddy Holly tape, he took up the guitar and eventually styled himself as a rock star, Johnny Physical and formed a band, The Physicals, who became a big deal on campus. Then he was diagnosed with leukemia.”

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Independent Film & Video Monthly Cover Story

Joshua Neuman pens the cover story for the final print edition of The Independent Film & Video Monthly. “Looking at his arm for a clean vein for the next syringe, he was Sid Vicious searching for an angry fix. When the chemo started to make it’s way through his arm, he was Lou Reed rushing on a run. And, yes, on a very (very) rare occasion he was Joey Ramone meeting a nurse that he could go for. The Physicals had performed for crowds of hundreds when Jonathan was healthy, but the camera gave him an audience of infinite possibility.  For the last year and a half of his life, in cold e