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12 Nov 2016

Johnny Physical Lives on WFMU


As a little boy growing up in Paramus, New Jersey, Jonathan Neuman would fall asleep listening to Buddy Holly’s songs and dreaming about becoming a rock star. As a teen, he broadened his musical horizons by listening to the free form, independent radio station WFMU and fell in love with the early punk that sprang from New York City in the 1970s. Joshua Neuman  was a guest on WFMU’s “Prove It All Night!” show with Pat Byrne to talk about Jonathan’s rock ‘n’ roll legacy, what WFMU meant to him, as well as the two improbable moments when he and Joey Ramone crossed paths. The segment starts at around the 1:16 mark of the attached playlist and be sure to listen to the three Johnny Physical original songs included in the playlist! It took him a little longer than expected, but Jonathan had his music played on his favorite radio station.